A-TEK Mechanical, Inc.

Our team has been designing, installing and maintaining HVAC systems for private commercial and Government agencies for over 25 years. Our loyal, experienced field crew has more than 40 years combined knowledge of the trade. We strive to help match our customers to the most efficient, cost effective system for their needs. We pride ourselves in customer service, and we know that cannot exist without the support of our trusted vendors and subcontractors. A-Tek Mechanical, Inc, will continue to posture itself with the upmost quality and knowledge in the industry. Our team at A-Tek Mechanical, Inc. knows that no one person has all the answers. This is why we have a team of tenured employees’ knowledge to fall on. Our key employees have been working together for the last 25 years. Our company would not be what it is without our amazing team of employees.


Design The Right System

Proper design of your HVAC system with a comprehensive understanding of your facility’s needs from the start means you’ll have a more reliable system with fewer headaches later.

Expert Installation

Commercial HVAC is a specialty business, our HVAC professionals have over 40 years of combined experience and expertise installing, servicing and maintaining mechanical equipment for all of our commercial/industrial clients.

Maintenance & Repairs

Sometimes, it only takes a minor repair to get your system up and running again. A quick system check and repair can often save you a lot more money in the long run by saving your compressor.

Commercial service and installation sites
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Public and Private Schools & Universities
  • Retail / Department Stores
  • Restaurant / Food Service
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals / Health Care Facilities
  • Automobile Dealerships

When your facility calls for a specialized mechanical system, you can rely on the engineering expertise of A-Tek Mechanical. We deliver innovative solutions with sound technology by leveraging teams of high-caliber architects and tradesmen to keep your project on track from both a time and budget standpoint. By assuming responsibility for all project details and subcontractors, A-Tek Mechanical becomes your single point of contact which allows you to focus more of your energy on more important matters. And, our familiarity with every aspect of your system results in a smooth installation process.


There’s never a good time for HVAC problems. That’s why A-Tek Mechanical is available around the clock. Our highly-skilled technicians deliver fast, reliable service with just one phone call from you. A-Tek Mechanical also provides upgrades and preventive maintenance programs to help keep your systems running smoothly, backed by a comprehensive warranty to put your mind at rest. So whether you need a one-time fix, ongoing maintenance, or something in between, you can count on us to stand by you…and our work.




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